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A new species of giant jellyfish was discovered in Australia. Terrifying.

The past month of February appeared on a beach in the region of Tasmania, Australia, a viscous thing of great dimensions. The Gershwin family went out for a walk to the beach and from a distance they saw a big spot, a few meters after where the waves break. The big stain from the distance looked like a pool of snot, but it was something quite different from that first impression.

As the family drew nearer, they perceived a viscous, flat figure, without much thickness. At that moment, they had to hold their breath to see that this strange thing looked like a giant jellyfish.

The snorkeling pool turned out to be actually a new species of giant jellyfish. The Gershwin alerted a local marine biologist, after taking some pictures of the creature.

The biologist was fascinated by the dimensions of the animal, which was 1.5 meters in diameter. Specimens were collected from the creature and sent to try to classify this creature.

It is believed that this new species of giant jellyfish may be related in some way to the lion’s jellyfish.

The lion’s mane jellyfish is one of the largest known jellyfish species on the planet. Their bodies can be up to seven meters in diameter, and their tentacles can reach up to 36 meters in length. Yeah … that’s something nobody wants to be in the water.

There is still no word on this new species of jellyfish. I think jellyfish are taking over the oceans, and that does not feel like bathing this summer.

Source: sky

Certainly after seeing something like this one you do not want to go this summer to the beach. I hope that from here to summer, I no longer remember that I read this publication.


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