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7 fascinating but spooky things about dinosaurs you have to know!!!

Dinosaurs are fascinating and creepy because of their size, their apparent ferocity and their resemblance to mythical creatures.

1. Breaking the Sound Barrier

It is believed that the tail of the Apatosaurus moved faster than the sound (343 meters per second) creating a demoniac noise that could be heard for miles around. The curious thing is that, apparently, this dinosaur 23 meters long and 20 tons, did not use the tail to attack but to intimidate with the din.

2. T-Rex Manjar

One of the favorite dishes of the T-Rex was the Ankilosaurus, an innocent herbivore that nevertheless opposed a formidable defensive weapon. He had at the end of his tail a hardened bony mass resembling a demolition ball, with which he must have been able to fracture his ankles to the T-Rex.

3. Cannibal dinosaur

Majungasaurus, also called “T-Rex of the southern hemisphere” lived on the island of Madagascar and is the only case among dinosaurs that seems to have practiced cannibalism. In some bones of Majungasaurus were found marks of teeth that could only have been left by a brother, at least among the known dinosaurs of the zone. It is an indication that it was possibly cannibal.

4. Little Giant

The Argentinosaurus has probably been the largest and heaviest creature on Earth. They were fast growing babies, as they came out of the egg weighed less than 5 kilos and adults reached 100 tons and measured 37 meters, something like 3 school buses lined up. They needed 100,000 calories a day, the pit of 33 adult, well-fed males.

5. Herd of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are intimidating by looking at them individually, so observing them acting in packs should have been indescribable. There is evidence to suggest that some species of dinosaurs lived in communities, but it is not known whether they also hunted in groups.

6. The Greater Carnivore

The largest carnivorous dinosaur was the Spinosaurus, T-Rex’s opponent in Jurassic Park III. However, although science is sure that it was the largest, it can not pinpoint how much, since there are no complete fossils. They could score 10 tons on the scale, but the most impressive was their spine, with candles more than two meters long.

7. But I am still the king

Although it was not the largest, the T-Rex is considered the king of the dinosaurs. It lived in territories of the United States and Canada, although a hypothesis indicates that it was an invasive species of Asia. It owes its celebrity mainly to the strength of its bite, unparalleled in natural history. A single bite could reach about 13,000 pounds-force, similar to the pressure generated by a medium-sized elephant upon sitting.


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