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The skin you inhabit

Your skin is a marker of your health and your diet. Take care of your diet and exercise, you will have a soft skin that will talk about your healthy lifestyle.

Your skin reflects your health, take care of it.

We’ll tell you how.

The skin is our largest and most visible organ, which also acts as the body’s first defensive line. In the same way, a skin that looks clean and fresh is a sign of a healthy body, fruit of a good diet and a correct hydration.

The skin covers our whole body, and the naked eye is not the same everywhere, each part of the body is covered by a more or less sensitive skin, more or less thick, according to needs and according to location. Like any other organ in our body, your health depends on our habits.

Being a barrier that surrounds us, it is the first thing we see, and yes, the skin says a lot about our eating habits and health.

Creams help, yes, but we all know that miracles do not exist. There is nothing like taking care of yourself inside and out so your skin does not suffer. Your skin will look smoother and younger if you lead a healthy life, exercise, have a healthy and varied diet, protect it from the sun and moisturize properly.

Take care of your skin by exercising

Do you know why we get those characteristic blushes after a good training session?

It is the result of increased circulatory activity throughout the body, which is evident especially in the face. When we practice some sport our circulation is stimulated, which facilitates the arrival of nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of our body, including the skin.

The result is a skin with a better tonality and appearance of cleanliness and youth.

If we practice sport regularly our skin will always be better oxygenated, in addition to delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

The action of perspiration is also important at this point, since the sweat helps to eliminate toxins and to clean the pores, preventing not only acne, but also other dermatological diseases like psoriasis.

After training it is important to take a shower to remove impurities that remain on the skin.

Impurities that can come from the particles of our own sweat, as well as from the particles that find the environment like dust and can clog some pore, so that a clean skin breathes better and preserves better appearance.

If we exercise outdoors we have to be careful with exposure to the sun, as the sun’s rays are an important factor in the aging of the skin. It is important to protect the skin from the sun if we are going to stay outside doing sports, even in winter, which, although we notice the effects of the sun while we play sports, the risks are still there.

However, controlled sun exposure helps to produce vitamin D and regulate sebaceous secretion.

So do not forget your sun protection when you go out to work out and enjoy the sun and its magnificent properties with caution.

The warmth so nice that we feel in the winter days and catching some color have never been bad at all, but beware of the excesses.

As we have seen before, city pollution and dust can also have negative effects on the skin, especially if we do not eliminate them well after playing sports. It is important to use soaps that are not very aggressive, and to use them with moderation, since many of the soaps that we use are responsible for the deprotection of the skin, since they alter their natural defenses.

Healthy eating, healthy skin

A healthy and balanced diet also results in healthy looking skin. Let’s not forget that the skin is the most extensive organ of our body, so it needs to be well fed and hydrated.

Our skin, like all other organs, needs vitamins, which we will find in fresh fruits and vegetables, and proteins. Essential oils and omega 3, derived from olive oil and fruits like avocado are also important for healthy skin. Try to avoid sugars and generally fast-absorbing carbohydrates, which lead to greater segregation of insulin, and prevents the correct arrival of oxygen and nutrients to our skin.

This results in a lack of shine and early appearance or increased wrinkles.

We must not forget at this point the importance of good hydration. Drinking water and replenishing fluids after exercise is important. Let’s start moisturizing the skin from within. Not only our skin creams live, and although we must also take care of it from the outside, it is just as important to carry a healthy diet and a correct hydration that makes the skin we inhabit is properly nourished.

As for creams and other cosmetic products, we are only going to recommend that you flee from miracles. It also escapes from the mineral oils (mineral oil, paraffinum or petrolatum) that absorb moisture from the skin giving a false sense of hydration and eventually dry out more, as well as covering the pores and making it difficult to breathe the skin. Use mildly, especially after exposure to the sun.

The wrinkle is beautiful

This slogan, a classic advertising in Spain, is not very misguided. It is true that it is important to care and moisturize our skin, maintain healthy habits to make it look smooth and shiny and delay the appearance of wrinkles.

It is true that time does not forgive, and that is being noticed in our body, but healthy habits and good habits must be accompanied by happiness and well-being, which also make us grow old, but in a leisurely and happy way. Wrinkles sometimes also tell nice stories.

Do not be afraid to laugh a lot even if you get wrinkles, those are the ones that feel better.

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