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5 of the greatest things in the universe

The vast universe is an unimaginably surprising place. Although much is hypothesized and theorized about the history, characteristics, composition and operation of this, the truth is that we know practically nothing about it. We think we’re big, right? Because reality shows something considerably different and we are very, very small in the universe. Here are 5 of the bigger things out there.

5. Radiogalaxies

Driven by accretion discs of massive black holes, radio galaxies are active galaxies with huge radio emissions with high interaction between twin fluxes of matter and an external medium modified by the effects of the so-called relativistic direction. The most well-known radiogalaxy is the 3C236 which, located in the Constellation Lio Menor, is 40,000,000 light-years in diameter.

4. Alphman Lyman Stains

Labs (Lyman Alpha Blobs) are stains of huge concentrations of gas that are in the universe and in themselves, constitute short phases in the birth of clusters of galaxies. Seen otherwise, they are like giant amoebas floating in the universe, a thing full of gas and a size equivalent to about 200 million light-years.

3. The Boötes Void

Also known as “The Great Void”, many consider it the most terrifying place in the universe. It is an immense region of the universe, with spherical shape, of a diameter of approximately 250 million light-years. It is believed to have formed from the junction of several lagoons and about 2,500 galaxies the size of ours would enter there.

2. The Shapley superaccumulator

The Shapley Supercluster is the largest known of its kind, so there are those who mention it as the thing or the greatest object known to Man. It is estimated that the size of this supercluster is equivalent to 4000 times that of the Milky Way and is composed of numerous galaxies, which are kept in motion and supported by the force of gravity.

1. The cosmic network

Although little is said about it, in the scientific community there is a great consensus that the so-called cosmic network is the most immense thing that can exist in the universe. It is a massive organized structure that starts at the stellar level and covers all things in the universe, but as I said, astronomers rarely mention it because of the complexity of such a scale. Let’s say it is a kind of infinite scaffold, full of cumulus and superclusters of galaxies, which are surrounded by dark matter and resemble an infinite three-dimensional network. How big? Try to imagine the Milky Way … imagine now that it is a poppy seed … the cosmic net is the size of a gigantic Olympic stadium in which drops a poppy seed.



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