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NASA publishes photography

PHOTO | NASA publishes Earth picture taken from Mars NASA admitted to having highlighted the color of the moon, as it is very dark and would not be visible to the same scale of Earth’s brightness The National Administration of Aeronautics and Space, NASA, published on its website a photograph …

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Mysterious third element of the core of the Earth

The mysterious third element of the Earth’s core that scientists believe to have identified This study suggests that silicon exists in the inner core of the Earth, along with iron and nickel. The third element of the Earth’s core was a mystery. For decades, scientists have been trying to establish …

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8 Incredible Beasts Of Prehistory That You Must Know

8 species very similar to other animals today, but much more impressive. 1. The bear of the caves They were the most common prehistoric bears. The males reached the 3 meters when they were erected and they weighed more than 900 kilos before initiating the hibernation. These ice age monsters …

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The 10 most secret places in the world.

If we can talk about secrets, those who hide governments are the biggest. Every country has its state secrets and in some cases, it needs warehouses just as secret to store them. No one knows anything when it comes to these places, not even in Google maps can be appreciated, …

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