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30 Reasons why you should visit Iceland. Extreme natural beauty!!!!

Today we are going to Iceland, volcanic land par excellence, with great geological activity that over the years has shaped these spectacular landscapes.

This territory is a place highly valued by photographers, thanks to the amount of natural contrasts between mountains, meadows, rocks, glaciers, rivers, volcanoes and deserts of volcanic ash. Without forgetting that thanks to its northern location, some nights you can capture the mystical aurora borealis that dance over the volcanoes and glaciers.

Although their volcanoes have also paralyzed human activity at different times, in 2010, the ashes of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano reached several parts of Europe, paralyzing many airports and their respective flights.

The natural beauty of Iceland is difficult to find and this is reflected in the images that we present.

Iceland has a spectacular landscape

For its waterfalls

And its waterfalls

Where the lava circulated before

This is Iceland.

A land of color contrasts

For their glaciers

For their rivers

Through the mouths of the glaciers to the sea

For the majesty of its landscapes

For its natural caves

It is a land of volcanoes

For its impressive architecture


Due to its strong geological activity

For its rough and inhospitable beaches

To appreciate the aurora borealis

A color map on the plains

For its wild inhabitants

For its mountains

For their contrasts

And finally for its extreme beauty

This is the promised land for photographers who love imposing and mystical landscapes. Undoubtedly, a country to discover and travel. Share these breathtaking Icelandic landscapes with everyone, using the buttons below.

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