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This lake in Tanzania hides a secret. What you see is not the work of a sculptor!!!

We are on Lake Natron, an African salty lake that we will find in the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania, bordering on Kenya.

It is one of the quietest lakes in all of Africa, but there is something on this lake that has allowed photographer Nick Brandt to capture these creepy images of petrified animals, that is, petrified, literally.

The lake takes its name from a natural chemical compound consisting mainly of sodium carbonate, which comes from a nearby volcano, called Ol Doinyo Lengai. It is difficult to survive in this hard ecosystem where temperatures can reach up to 60 degrees and water is exaggeratedly alkaline.

Calcified vocalize

Calcified swallow

Flamenco calcified and reflected in water

Calcified bat

Another calcified swallow

Another calcified bat

Calcified Songbird

Photographer Nick Brandt did not find the animals in that position, but on the shores of the lake and he set them on tree branches with the aim of “giving back to life” animals that no longer had.

It should be noted that animals do not die from the lake itself, but once the lake alkalinity, among other factors, causes the animals to dry literally and become calcified.

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