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17 Awesome libraries that contain more secrets than you imagine!!!

Mostly when you think of a library, it comes to mind a quiet place, where you can read quietly, as well as a place where many students come days before the exams and even lately we can see many small children in these places, since the Libraries are increasingly offering services to the younger minds of every household. Although these are not the subjects that we will see in this article.

Here we present you a selection of incredible enclaves of culture around the world, either by the documents and works they host or simply by the mysticism or majesty that is breathed in its architecture and design.

Beinecke Library

Iowa State Capitol Law Library

Library of the City of New Stuttgart

New York Public Library

Cincinnati Public Library

Melk Abbey

General Library of the University of Coimbra

Clementinum National Library of Prague

Strahov Monastery Prague Monastery

Vatican Library

George Peabody Library, Baltimore

Hotel B2 Boutique in Zurich

Admont Monastery Library

Our Lady of Einseldeln Archabbey Library

National Library of Austria

Trinity College Library Dublin

The Providence Athenaeum

(Futura) Stockholm Public Library

Many of us can not even get a glimpse of all the content that is guarded in these epic places, but nevertheless now we know the enclaves.

Libraries are more than just a silent place where to read or study, they are the place where the knowledge of society at world level is safeguarded. Awesome.

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