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His daughter died, what the father did for her still standing and is … fantastic

In this beautiful place in the year 1870, a father lost his young daughter, because of a great tide that pipes place. His father, John Cargill, son of Captain William Cargill, was obviously pained by the accident of his little girl and proposed to give her a farewell gift, doing something for her, which she had always wanted. And he succeeded, it is still in force.

The little girl had always told her father that she would like to have a private beach for her. After the tragic accident, his father, by hand, excavated the hard rocks of Dunedin, New Zealand, to create a tunnel that allows access to the beautiful beach. This is the only way to access this quiet and small beach, just as she wanted.

This is the entrance to the tunnel

By the marks of the wall we can see how it was excavated by hand

The end of the tunnel leads to the beach

The tunnel that John built in memory of his daughter still exists

In the surroundings there are cracks and small caves to explore

The people of the area come here to play with their children and it is becoming very popular

The father succeeded in fulfilling his daughter’s desire

Source: Imgur
Little Cargill’s dream was fulfilled, this is her private beach. Share this poignant act by clicking on the buttons below 🙂

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