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Operation Teapot, the most destructive and intense series of nuclear tests of the 1950.

During the early years of the Cold War, the US government did not want to take any risks when it came to nuclear weapons, and for them the way to get some stability and precaution against possible attacks was to develop the best nuclear weapons, The most reliable and the most destructive ones that could exist in the whole world.

To this end, US government officials set out to test various types of nuclear weapons throughout the 1950s. During all these years, one of these series of tests stood out among the rest, “Operation Teapot “U Operation Teapot, in Spanish. These tests were documented by chilling images and videos showing the power of nuclear weapons, both explosively and nearby.

In 1955, Operation Teapot or Operation Teapot performed 14 nuclear weapons tests in the Nevada desert.

These explosions were designed to test nuclear fuels and detonation methods.

This particular operation showed the world some of the most fearsome nuclear images of all time. Check it for yourself in this video, you will be amazed:

Although there are now some politicians who idealize “those good times”, and many countries are still developing nuclear weapons, I think I disagree that then was good times. No doubt the economy could be better than today, but it is also true that people lived in constant fear of a nuclear attack. Surely the weaponry of today is even more terrifying than the then, but I think for now, I stay with the decade of 2010, before that of 1950.

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