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Lombard Street, one of the world’s most winding and steep streets

If there is a city that has stood out for its aesthetics in the United States, that is San Francisco, a city that never rests and in which the traditional and the modern, mingle day by day. Its most famous feature, after the famous Golden Gate, are its leaning streets and filled with historic houses. Among them, Lombard Street has become the most famous because of its original appearance.

With a slope of 40 degrees of inclination, arranged in several rows in the form of zigzag, has always attracted the attention of tourists and numerous photographers, who have not hesitated to portray with its green areas and vehicles that go up and down.

Seeing as the cars roam Lombard Street itself is quite an attraction, as it looks like they are going for a miniature roller coaster.

On both sides of the street, houses and apartments of modern construction welcome the visitors, who most of the time stay below and at the beginning of this walk, to contemplate it in all its appeal.

Lombard stretches from the Coit Tower to the Presidio Park, standing out all over Russian Hill Hill, very close to Columbus Avenue.

Today, many rental cars are offered to take tourists to the top of Lombard, from where they can take a tour appreciating every corner of the popular street.

It’s a must stop if you’re traveling to San Francisco.

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